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How will my package be shipped?
How long will it take to get my package?
After I place my order, how soon will it be shipped out?
I'd like to check the status of my order. How do I do it?
I missed my package delivery. Will they come back?
I have not received my package yet, what should I do?
I received an incorrect item in my package? What should I do?
What is your return policy?
Where can I purchase the GREW Hair Care System?
Who is this product for?
Are GREW products all-natural?
Do you have recommended usage instructions for each product?
Do you have to sit under the dryer or use a heated cap for GREW Restore Conditioner to work best?
Can you use GREW Restore Conditioner on relaxed hair?
How often should I use the GREW ‘Power’ Shampoo and GREW ‘Restore’ Conditioner?
Can GREW be used as a cowash?
How long does it take to see results using GREW?
Should you mix GREW Restore Conditioner with another conditioner?