Mika knows with the right hair care regime and products a healthy head of hair is obtainable for every woman. This has led her to create her first hair care system, GREW by M.E. Mika created GREW for the woman who  wants to transition with out having to chop off all her hair. The woman  who loves versatility and to change her hair weekly or daily with a wig or weave to maintain a healthy head of hair underneath. Mika created GREW for all women to keep their crowning glory in it’s healthy state with just a few products.

In  2018, Mika will begin creating a team of beauty experts to host feel Fabulous by M.E. events to demonstrate to women how to live the health  hair and beauty lifestyle. Mika  will also continue to work with not for profit  and programs servicing girls of color to teach them to love themselves and that beautiful hair comes in a variety of ways.