What is Swimmers Hair?

What is Swimmers Hair?

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or just swim in your backyard pool… you probably know how harsh chlorine can be on your body, but more specifically, your hair. 

Swimmers hair is caused from swimming in chlorinated pools, which results in dry, damaged hair. The culprit? Copper. 

As a catalyst, copper accelerates the development of the dye, which can damage your hair and result in unexpected color results. Copper can discolor light-colored hair, causing a greenish tint when it oxidizes. It can darken naturally dark-colored hair, too! 

Chlorine isn’t exactly our friend when it comes to protecting our hair. Chlorine removes the natural oils from your hair and eats away at the keratin, protein, and amino acids our hair needs to thrive. Limited chlorine exposure may not cause heavy damage, but as time passes, your hair may become brittle and dry. 


Our hair reacts similar to how a sponge does. It absorbs more chlorine pool water when dry than when already wet. 

To prevent chlorine from soaking into your luscious strands, rinse your hair before getting into the pool! 


Sticking to a strict post-pool hair routine can make all the difference for your hair. Thoroughly rinse after getting out of chlorinated water. If chlorine is left to build up in your hair, it creates dull, dry strands. 

After you rinse, use GREW’s two-step system to remove and restore

GREW Power Shampoo contains activated charcoal that will remove all chlorine buildup to make room for the restoring conditioner. 

GREW Restoring Conditioner contains lemongrass oil which will replace moisture and help detangle to restore shine. 

GREW by M.E.

Chlorine can be harsh on our hair! GREW products are safe to use every day, even twice a day, and contain no parabens and sulfates.

Any chlorine buildup you have will be removed without stripping your hair. 

Mika is rooting for you, even if your hair is beyond repair. Let her help.