Trendy Holiday Season Hair

Trendy Holiday Season Hair

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and yet, there aren’t as many festive gatherings as we normally anticipate. However, it’s still fun to dress up and take a few glamour shots to celebrate this festive time of year. If the desire to dress up isn’t there, remember this — there’s always a reason to revamp your hair for the holidays!

Keep It Fresh With a Hair Cut or Color

Take a good look at the current condition of your hair and decide if it’s time for a fresh trim or a color touch up. A few holiday highlights can always put you in the spirit. Walk into the new year looking and feeling your best.

Curly Hair Worth a Stare

Curly hair is a big trend during the holidays. Curling Wands are a great styling tool to use when you want to control the pattern. They allow you to make loose or tighter curls depending on the desired style.

If you would rather opt out of heat styling, Flexi Rods are a great prep to set curls while you are decorating or preparing dinner. Flexi Rods help set the hair just in time for company. They also allow you to control the curl pattern by using larger rods for bigger curls and waves, and smaller rods for short hair styles or tighter curls.

Feel Great With Hair That’s Straight!

If you have been wearing your natural curls for most of the year, the holiday season is the perfect time to switch it up and go straight. GREW shampoo and conditioner would be the perfect product duo to remove all product build up and shield the hair from heat damage while using styling tools. I recommend a Nano Heat blow dryer and a Titanium Heat flat iron for more sleek finishes.

Keep It Simple, Pull It Back!

If you’re feeling less fancy, and more simple this holiday season ponytails are always a safe go to. You can always upgrade your ponytail by adding temporary extensions for length. A few decorative bobby-pins help give you that stylish, up-do bun. Or try a fancy Barrett for an unforgettable chignon. Your safest bet — a braided ponytail! These always add texture and style with minimal effort.

Never rush into a drastic hair cut or style for the holidays. Take time to decide if you really want a long lasting change or something more temporary. Remember, your decision will determine how your year starts off the new year!

I hope these holiday hair tips truly help and make your holiday season even more

joyful! Happy Holidays from GREW to YOU!