Healthy Hair (Without Setbacks)

Healthy Hair (Without Setbacks)

Having consistently healthy hair can be challenging without the right regimen. I often hear clients complain about “starting over” or having to do the “big chop” because of one mistake, or listening to a YouTube tutorial. Here are some essential hair tips for achieving that hair salon look you deserve.

Tips for Healthy Hair 

Choose a professional, licensed hair stylist with experience!

  • The right hair stylist can save you money.
  • Make sure they have a social media presence and a lot of recommendations.
  • Visit often for a healthy trim, a style hair cut, extensions, and even a deep conditioning.
  • Ask questions and listen to their advice - it’s a team effort - your hair stylist should have your back!

Always have a back up hair stylist!

  • In case your go-to is unavailable, have another hair stylist as a backup.
  • Depend on your backup for simple services like bang trims and blowouts - to ensure you still look your best!

Schedule standing appointments!

  • If you have a consistent work schedule, be sure to book your appointments in advance.
  • Try not to book appointments the same day as events.
  • “Stay ready, so you won’t have to get ready” is my motto!

Talk to your hair stylist about the right products and tools for your hair!

  • Discover which products work best at the hair salon and which products to keep at home.
  • Going shopping for tools is MAJOR, stylists are only as good as their tools… and then skill.
  • Professional tools and products are half the battle and struggle when you have to do your own hair.
  • Avoid scissors and chemicals at home, let your stylist take care of that hair cut and style!

Hair accessories are a huge help between wash days!

  • There are many to choose from, so have fun with this!
  • Ask your stylist for their recommendations.
  • Experiment and try ones you’ve never tried before.

Mika’s go-to hair clips and more!

  • Clip-ins to add length, volume, and highlights without coloring your natural hair.
  • “Ready Buns” - clip on buns perfect for slick back styles to show off a great pair of earrings or a new shade of lipstick.
  • Faux ponytails for updo styles or to enhance the length of your natural ponytail.
  • Wigs to completely change your look without damaging your hair. You can get really creative purchasing them from a local beauty supply store in various lengths and colors.

I hope these hair tips help to keep you on a healthy hair regimen. Follow these tips and use the best shampoo and conditioner, and you will be on your way to stylish, healthy hair - always.