Different Styles, Different Hair Brushes

Different Styles, Different Hair Brushes

Achieving certain looks in the hair salon or at home requires styling tools that make the execution easier. Usually the first tool you pick up after washing your hair is the blow dryer. However, even the blow dryer requires a styling assistant. Round brushes and paddle brushes are the perfect go-to.


The Round Brush Vs. The Paddle Brush


Round Brushes

Round hair brushes are used to give flat limp hair more body, shine, and volume at the roots or ends of your hair. The design of this particular brush is similar to getting a roller set. These brushes come in all different sizes. They also have different bristles to accommodate your naturally curly or straight hair texture. 


Perfect Pairs!  

  • Boar Bristle Round Brushes → Loose Curly Hair

  • Ceramic Plate Round Brushes → Tight Curly Hair

  • Plastic Bristle Round Brushes → Straight Hair

 With my experience these brushes work the best. It’s also helpful to have a variety in order to achieve different hair styles. 


Paddle Brushes

Paddle brushes are used for more sleek, shiny styles. I find these brushes also eliminate a lot of static and frizz. Paddle brushes instantly detangle and help dry your hair in the direction you want it styled. These brushes come with plastic bristles, boar bristles, and sometimes a combination of both. A lot of my clients find it easier to use these brushes for quick blow dry sessions. Paddle brushes are also great for updo styles. When achieving a simple ponytail, paddle brushes help gather the hair easily. 


Having a combination of both brushes at home will help assist with every style. You should also pay attention to your regular stylist to see exactly what his or her preferred styling brush is for your hair type.

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